Box Canyon 55 Mile Trail Run

Saturday, July 29th 2017 12:01 AM Start Time

Cost: $125

More Race Information. 

Runners will start and finish at Telluride Town Park located at 500 East Colorado, Telluride, CO

Runners will start at the town park oval. They will head south on the park road which turns into a single track hiking trail within the park. The trail will intersect the Bear Creek/Wasatch Trail (FS 508) and the Camel Garden Trail (FS 630). Continue straight onto the Camel Garden Trail. After about a mile the trail ends at the Telluride Trail (FS 631). The Telluride Trail is a 4x4 service road for the ski area. Turn left and head up Telluride Trail for about 3/4 mile. The road at this point forks, turn right to stay on the Telluride Trail. Continue up the Telluride Trail for 2 miles till it reaches the Coonskin Ridge, elevation 10,700 and the top of chair lift 7. This will be a 1800 ft climb.

At the top of the Telluride Trail veer left onto another ski area service road (FS 632). This road heads south and passes underneath chair lift 4.

Shortly after passing Chair 4 the road forks. Stay left and continue climbing. Runners will pass several more chair lifts before descending into Prospect Basin. Keep following the road for approximately 1/2 mile on the descent. At this point exit the road to the left to get on the manmade ramp known as Woosley Way. This will lead to the bottom of a ski run call Silverglade. 

Climb steeply up the ski run till it connects to the See Forever Trail (FS 415). This trail is another service road. Turn right on See Forever. After 1/2 mile, runners will reach the first aid station just below Gold Hill. Elevation 12,200. Continue climbing up the service road to the top of Gold Hill, elevation 12,800 ft.   The route makes a small loop on top of Gold Hill and returns down to the junction of See Forever and Wasatch Bypass (FS 508.1B). Turn right on the Wasatch bypass trail and follow the trail down approximately 1 mile to the Wasatch Trail (FS 508).  Turn left onto the Wasatch Trail. Continue down the trail about 1500 ft. till it intersects the East Fork Trail (FS 513). Make a hard right and continue across the stream.

Climb steeply for several miles till it connects with the Wasatch Trail (FS 508), Stay left on the Wasatch Trail and follow the trail into upper Bear Creek Basin until it summits at a saddle at 13,000ft. Locally the saddle is referred to McCarron Junction.  From the saddle decend briefly to Blixt Road (FS 508.1A). Turn right (south) on the abandoned 4x4 road and travel for a half mile to Oscars Pass, elevation 13,100 ft.   Descend down Blixt Road for several miles. The road eventually comes to a gate. Here the road forks, turn left and continue descending till the you reach the Ophir Pass Road (CR 630). Turn right on Ophir Pass Road and follow it till it reaches the Town Of Ophir. The second aid station is located at the town park in East Ophir.  Ophir's elevation is 9500 ft. 

From Ophir runners will head out on the Carbonero Mine Trail. This trail is on private land and has no FS number. Head up the Carbonero Trail till it connects to an old 4x4 road. This road will top out around 12,000 ft. From this point the route quickly descends on a faint trail on a ridge/shoulder and connects back with the Carbonero Trail. Continue on the trail till it reunites with the Blixt Road. This is the same intersection with the gate that was passed earlier. Turn left and continue past the gate and climb back up to Oscars Pass. Once on Oscars Pass follow the road down for approximately 1 mile. There will be a wooden Forest Service post at this intersection. This trail is the Bridal Veil / Wasatch Trail (FS 508) Make a right turn at this intersection to get onto the Bridal Veil Trail. Note: Do not continue down past this intersection as you will end up in La Junta Basin or lost somewhere in upper Bridal Veil. This trail is actually another abandoned road high in Bridal Veil Basin.  Follow the route down till it intersects another well define4x4 road. There will be another Forest Service post at this junction. Turn left and follow the road for several miles till it ends at hydroelectric plant at the top of Bridal Veil Falls. Pass through another green gate. Here will be the third aid station.

Head up Black Bear Pass Road (CR 648) which is a one way 4x4 jeep road. Climb for about 4 miles to Black Bear Pass, elevation 13,000ft. This section is an out and back. Once at the pass, turn around and head back down to the aid station at the top of Bridal Falls. Continue down the jeep road to the valley floor, elevation 8850. Runners will pass the historical mill site of Idarado. Before the gravel road turns to asphalt runners will turn right onto a single track trail which leads to another abandoned dirt road in lower Marshall Creek drainage. Follow the road up another steep ascent for approximately two miles till it connects with Tomboy Road (CR 869). Turn right on the road and follow the road for 1.5 mile to the historic Town of Tomboy, elevation 11,400. Here will be another aid station.

Travel up Tomboy road to Imogene Pass, elevation 13,150 ft.   From here climb up a single track hikers trail to Fort Peabody, elevation 13,350ft. Descend back down to Imogene Pass.  About 200 ft west of the pass is an unmarked/ unnumbered single track trail. It is next to the weather station located on the pass. Head down the steep trail and follow it back down to the Town of Tomboy and the aid station. This section is approximately a 5 mile loop. 

At the aid station another 4x4 road heads into Marshall Basin. There will be another gate to go through. Follow the road into upper Marshall Basin till the road ends. From here there will be a faint hikers trail that connects to Liberty Bell Trail (FS 431), elevation 12,900 ft. All the roads and trails in upper Marshall basin do not have any numbers assigned to them.  Once on the Liberty Bell Trail turn left and follow it out of Marshall Basin into Liberty Bell Basin. Follow the narrow single track trail down till it intersects Liberty Bell Road. At this point turn left on the road which turns into the Sheridan Crosscut Trail (FS 869.1A). The road eventually ends and turns into a trail.

The upper portion of the Sheridan Crosscut has no defined trail so follow the flagging to connect to the trail. Follow the trail back down to Tomboy Road (CR 869). Turn right on Tomboy Road and follow it down for a 1.5 miles. Turn right onto Liberty Bell Road (FS 431) and climb for about 1 mile. There will be a forest service sign for the Jud Wiebe Trail (FS 432). Turn left at the sign and follow the trail up and over till it comes out on Aspen St in the Town of Telluride.  Elevation gain is approximately 1200 ft. 

Once in the Town of Telluride head down Aspen for 1 block, turn left on Galena. Head east on Galena for 4 blocks and turn right on Pine St. Down one block to Columbia, right on Columbia to Maple St.  Right on Maple go one block to Main Street, cross main street and enter the park.  Follow the flagging around the oval to the finish line. elevation 8750. 

Aid Stations:   5 separate, 7 total as two aid stations will be used twice

1. Top of ski area. Mile 6 elevation 12,200

2. Town of Ophir. Mile 16 elevation 9500

3. Top of Bridal Veil,  used twice. Mile 28 and 36 elevation 10,800

4. Town of Tomboy,  used twice. Mile 42 and 47 elevation 11,400

5. Tomboy Road and Liberty Bell /Jud Weibe intersection. Mile 52 elevation 8900

Total elevation gain approximately 21,215 ft

Course Map: